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Successful Innovations, Inc. was founded in 2006

people_circleSuccessful Innovations was founded in 2006 by former educational leaders of schools with a large percentage of students on free and reduced lunch. Darla Edwards (former principal), Stefanie Prokity (former principal), and Hilda Stevens (retired Literacy Coach) were passionate about finding meaningful ways to increase student achievement and decrease the achievement gap. They believed that the solution to increased performance could be addressed through equipping parents with the knowledge necessary to support their child’s education.

Unfortunately, the ladies soon realized that some parents could not attend parent workshops or other school functions because of their work schedules, transportation issues, or intimidation in a school setting. The educators knew that these parents truly wanted their children to be successful, but felt inadequately prepared to do so.

“When a true collaboration exists between the school and home,
the results are tremendous.”

Their passion to help these parents prompted them to develop and create interactive resources that would make it easier for parents to support their child’s education right in the comfort of their own home. When they piloted these resources in their schools, they realized that parents loved being able to watch a video tutor model practical learning activities that they could work on with their child. This empowered the parents and helped them become confident advocates for their children.

As a result of getting the parents involved, their schools achieved significant gains in student achievement, decreased the achievement gap, and were recognized by the United States Department of Education for increased performance. After experiencing tremendous success by piloting the resources in their own schools, the educators believed that they could help other schools throughout the nation achieve the same success with their creative resources to support family engagement.

Because of their passion to work on their company full-time, the educational leaders decided to “take a leap of faith” to fulfill their dream of working with school districts around the nation on their family engagement reform efforts.

Their interlocking colorful logo represents the three components of successful family and school partnerships: parents, students, and teachers. The ladies believed that when a true collaboration exists between the school and home, the results are tremendous.

Through perseverance, faith, and an unwavering trust in God, the educators have been able to launch their company’s resources into 33 states and Puerto Rico. Today, they are excited to be able to work with schools and districts and early childhood centers throughout the nation to provide meaningful opportunities to help parents and students succeed.

Meet our passionate team

Darla Edwards
President and CEO
Darla Edwards is the President and CEO of Successful Innovations, INC. She is a leading national educational consultant and provides educational servi...
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Stefanie Prokity
Vice President & CFO
Stefanie Prokity is the Vice President & CFO of Successful Innovations, Inc., an educational consulting firm, dedicated to providing quality interacti...
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Hilda C. Stevens
Executive Director of Professional Development
Hilda Stevens is Executive Director of Professional Development for Successful Innovations, Inc.. She has experience consulting and leading profession...
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