darla edwards

President and CEO

Darla Edwards is President of Successful Innovations, an educational consulting company focused on strategic family and school partnerships.   She has over 15 years of experience in education as a teacher and principal.  Because of her expertise and knowledge in education, she was appointed by the Governor to serve on Virginia's Board of Education. In this capacity, she helped to develop policies and standards to support Virginia's schoolchildren. 

stefanie prokity

Vice President & CFO

Stefanie Prokity is Vice President and CFO for Successful Innovations, Inc., an educational consulting firm located in Lynchburg, Virginia and dedicated to supporting family engagement in school districts across the nation.  As an educational consultant, she is committed to providing quality interactive resources and software as a service for family/parent involvement and onsite professional development opportunities for educational professionals.  She is the co-author of five books; Building a High Achieving School, 3 C’s to Success (1st and 2nd Editions), Parental Involvement 101, The Parent Coordinator’s Manual and Family Engagement and Nurturing Children to be Independent Thinkers.  She is the co-creator of the National Family Engagement Summit, an educational conference hosted annually.  She has ten years of entrepreneurial/small business experience and seventeen years of experience in Virginia public schools, nine as a classroom teacher, and eight as an administrator, including assistant principal and principal at both the elementary and secondary levels.

hilda stevens

Executive Director of Professional Development

Hilda Stevens is co-founder and Executive Director of Professional Development for Successful Innovations, Inc. She has experience consulting and leading professional development workshops at the state and national levels.  As a former Virginia educator with over 35 years of public school experience, Mrs. Stevens has had extensive training in Parent & Family Engagement Strategies, Response to Intervention, Literacy Coaching, and Differentiated Instruction.